Underpinning is  the process of strengthening and stabilizing the foundation of a solid brick or brick veneer home, which is  showing signs of structural movement, and is an area in which C. Daniels Foundations have been specializing for over forty years. The process of underpinning requires a geotech report (soil test) to ascertain the best depth for the foundation, and a structural engineer to identify the works that need to be undertaken. It is a requirement that all underpinning permit applications must be accompanied by a structural engineer’s design and certification.

Your home may need to be underpinned for a variety of reasons. The soil beneath your foundations may have subsided due to leaking pipes, poor drainage, tree root damage, or even excessively dry founding soil due to drought. Another common reason is that the existing foundations may just have been of a lesser standard than is required today.  In conjunction with an engineer, no matter what the reason, C. Daniels Foundations has the solution.

We have been underpinning Melbourne homes  for four decades and have the knowledge and experience to remedy the problem.

In response to your enquiry , we will advise you on the process, which will involve the services of a structural engineer. The engineer will examine the  dwelling to ascertain the structural movement which needs to be addressed. In conjunction with the geotech report (soil test), the engineer will then recommend the extent of underpinning required, including identifying the founding depth of the underpin, the size of the underpin, and the number of pins required to repair the structure. The structure may be stabilized only, or may include raising the structure to its  original level or part thereof. We can then provide you with  a free quote for the work stipulated by the engineer.